illegal ivory

A look at how Namibia's Chinese ivory smugglers operate.
A new law in Hawaii is being hailed as one of the strongest anti-wildlife trafficking measures in the nation.
Yang Feng Glan is accused of smuggling elephant tusks worth $2.5 million.
Read more about poaching: The numbers indicate that the number of elephants in Tanzania fell from 109,051 in 2009 to 43,330
But some environmental groups downplayed the significance of this week’s regulations, pointing out that they apply only to
NAIROBI, Dec 9 (Reuters) - About a quarter of elephant ivory sold in retail outlets in China's capital Beijing and its most
Fueled by increased global demand, especially in Asia, prices for items made from some endangered species have soared. Rhinoceros
"In 23 years of compiling ivory seizure data ... this is the worst year ever for large ivory seizures," said Milliken. "The