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In August 2014, as the race between former Gov. Pat Quinn and Bruce Rauner hit full throttle, no issue was more hotly contested
Gov. Bruce Rauner called half of Chicago teachers "virtually illiterate" in 2011.
18. Walter Payton College Prep | Chicago 16. North High School | Downers Grove Overall experience grade: A+ Parent/student
Operating expense per pupil (OEPP): $12,824 Average teacher salary: $62,609 Average administrator salary: $100,720 Pupil
25. Grayslake Central High School | Grayslake National Rank: 858 E&E: 50.7% Subs. Lunch: 12% Challenge Index: 2.732 The Washington
This is the time of year when high school seniors finalize their plans for college, including budgeting for the year to come
Beneath each superintendent's salary is "other benefits," which includes the amount in health, dental, life and vision insurance
1) Work closely with President Cullerton to significantly increase state support for education, focusing our additional resources
I still believe that journalism is a worthy academic and career pursuit. But it can't be denied that the newspaper industry's well-publicized struggles in recent years have made journalism a far less enticing career choice than when I chose it in the mid-'80s.
Here are the Top 15 public high schools in Illinois. Academics: A+ Health & Safety: A Teachers: A+ Resources & Facilities