That's what we're talking about on this week's "Only in Illinois." Some Republicans have called this a bailout of Chicago
18. Walter Payton College Prep | Chicago 16. North High School | Downers Grove Overall experience grade: A+ Parent/student
Operating expense per pupil (OEPP): $12,824 Average teacher salary: $62,609 Average administrator salary: $100,720 Pupil
25. Grayslake Central High School | Grayslake National Rank: 858 E&E: 50.7% Subs. Lunch: 12% Challenge Index: 2.732 The Washington
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But Wolf had vetoed the entire Republican-approved budget, and school districts in Pennsylvania were forced to borrow heavily
A new analysis of the financial health of Illinois' school districts shows the majority remain in precarious positions, with many borrowing and tapping into cash reserves just to keep their schools running.
Here are the state's Top 25 most improved schools in 2015, along with each school's change in rank since 2014 and its PARCC
Beneath each superintendent's salary is "other benefits," which includes the amount in health, dental, life and vision insurance
1) Work closely with President Cullerton to significantly increase state support for education, focusing our additional resources