It all sounds confusing, but it's not that complicated. The kidnap victim this time is K-12 education funding, and the big
More than 9,500 public high schools were ranked based on the overall quality of its administration and policies. Of the 100
Statewide averages Using the board's 2015 figures and the Illinois Report Card, we've sorted out the Top 25 school districts
National Rank: 667 E&E: 43.1% Subs. Lunch: 32.2% Challenge Index: 3.098 *Denotes private high school 25. Grayslake Central
Nearly 60 percent of Illinois school districts are expected to be deficit spending during fiscal year 2016, according to
On Wednesday morning, a group of administrators convened by the Pennsylvania Association of School Business Officials gathered
A new analysis of the financial health of Illinois' school districts shows the majority remain in precarious positions, with many borrowing and tapping into cash reserves just to keep their schools running.
Here are the state's Top 25 most improved schools in 2015, along with each school's change in rank since 2014 and its PARCC
Beneath each superintendent's salary is "other benefits," which includes the amount in health, dental, life and vision insurance
[...] a major factor driving increasing costs is the constant expansion of university administration. According to the Department
I still believe that journalism is a worthy academic and career pursuit. But it can't be denied that the newspaper industry's well-publicized struggles in recent years have made journalism a far less enticing career choice than when I chose it in the mid-'80s.
Getting suspended or expelled from school are usually top punishments for misbehaving students, but some Illinois school districts use them more often than others.
22. Naperville Central High School | Naperville Academics: A+ Health & Safety: B- Teachers: A+ Resources & Facilities: B
A total of 100 Illinois school districts were ranked by Niche, with each receiving individual grades for its academics, health and safety, teachers, resources and facilities, and extracurricular activities, among other factors.
The Department's Blue Ribbon Schools program awards public and private elementary, middle and high schools for academic excellence and improvement in closing the gap between privileged and underprivileged students.
Here are the top 25 school districts in Illinois with the highest projected deficit spending and surplus spending for the
The statewide average annual salary of the nearly 130,000 full-time public school teachers in Illinois is $62,609, according to the Illinois State Board of Education. But teacher salaries vary greatly depending on a district's location, level of education, years of experience and amount of school funding -- i.e., local property tax revenue.
While the objective of the statewide education report card is to provide parents, teachers, administrators and the public
This figure takes into consideration a number of different expenses, such as transportation costs, instructional costs and student resources, among other things.
5. Illinois does not have a statewide model policy to address bullying though anti-bullying laws have been enacted by the