im a celebrity get me out of here

Audience members walked out during Lady Colin Campbell’s interview with Alan Carr.
It’s been more than forty years, and we’re still talking about “Marcia, Marcia, Marcia.”
Jimmy Bullard surprised Susanna Reid on Thursday morning, by putting in a seriously cheeky appearance on ‘Good Morning Britain’.
Tom DeLay on Dancing With The Stars. This is one of those moments that's so grotesque you don't know whether to laugh or cry.
After catching a 6 a.m. bus out of the Nogal Guayacan, the family stopped through the community of Chilamate to visit the
It's finally over. After a final week of ridiculousness, Lou Diamond Philips was crowned king of the jungle.
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Heidi and Spencer--or "Speidi," as they are sometimes called--are not especially charismatic or good looking, and possess
Lou's slasher film is a perfect metaphor for the entire show: all set-up, no satisfying resolutions.
I'm A Celebrity makes no sense. And so, in lieu of the typical recap, I'd like to use today's column to give some advice on how to fix the show, both to the celebrities and the producers.