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It is a fact that you will be known for generations to come, your legacy unmatched by most. You showed what the good book
Sorry, been there, done that, and I refuse to let that happen to anyone else. We know that this type of behavior doesn't
If you quit, the ideas you oppose and the policies you reject will prevail.
The morning after the second presidential debate I woke up nauseated and bereft. One candidate continued to prove she is more than capable to be a president and Commander-in-Chief on behalf of all Americans, and the other continued to prove he is a reactive, misogynistic, racist bully
We are a country created by immigrants. This was never a white country. Give it some thought and let's discuss. You're not
While many members of the LGBT community are anxious to see Hillary Clinton make history in November as the first female president, Tom D'Angora is taking action.
In this election the choice is clear, there could not be a more pro-family candidate than Hillary Clinton. Her record on these issues is unmatched, shown below are just a few of the countless ways she has advocated for families and children her entire career.
Radio host Rush Limbaugh wants you to believe that the LGBT community is shallow, stupid, and sex-driven. When old photos
There I sat in a non-descript ballroom in downtown Denver on a sweltering June day, listening to Hillary Clinton speak about the staggering inequalities women in the U.S. still face, while two blocks away, a man walked into the Colorado Recycling Association offices, shot his ex-wife multiple times and then fatally shot himself.