The effort, called Project Amplify, would be a dramatic shift in policy for the social media giant, which had taken to apologizing publicly for any untoward content.
The president tweeted an image drawing from the show's imagery as the Mueller report became public.
The Olympic swimmer had posted an image on social media showing himself receiving an infusion in May.
“We believe that these images are worth seeing and celebrating.”
To the extent that we are mirrored, encouraged and acknowledged for our achievements and our creative pursuits, we are unified within ourselves. To the degree that we are perceived through a distorted mirror, we are torn asunder and may search for approval at a cost to our real self and creativity.
We may assume that friendship flows like water, but like boulders in a natural spring, friendship can hit tough spots. These
If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything.
I tried to think of intelligent, fabulously stylish women relatively close in age to me (early 50s) and who looked like me. Definitely a few came to mind but not many. Where were the images of stylish 50ish-year-old women or particularly women of color, that I, and others, could look to for inspiration?
Autumn Whitefield-Madrano's new book explores the big questions about beauty.
It may be that the authentic life is never easily attained or even desired. It means we need to get straight with ourselves, learning to welcome less than exemplary qualities.
Success often depends on our ability to present a socially acceptable image. Ideally, our social image aligns with our authentic self or essence.
Armed with that knowledge - what will you be doing? Spend less time admiring your reflection, or getting a life? Caroline