A good reminder that we all have more in common than meets the eye.
1. An Independent Narrative: Ideas and ideals conveyed on the channels are not defined in opposition to an extremist ideology
The suspect was arrested after a hit-and-run accident on the day that the two men were killed exiting a mosque in Queens.
First, an acknowledgement: Turkey is as confusing as it is important. Its importance is highlighted by its location -- both
The lesson from yet another attack in France is this: Europe needs to change its approach to terrorism -- and fast.
After some laughs and continuous chatter They started to notice something's the matter But since none of the three had been
Marking the twenty-fourth anniversary of the Khojaly massacre, a group of Jews, Muslims and Christians gathered at a local mosque to offers prayers and words of consolation over a tragedy that occurred half-way around the world.
Founder Sherin Khankan called it a "feminist project."
Imam Mustafa Efe lets abandoned kitties take shelter.