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The world is watching history repeat itself and doing nothing once again with full knowledge of the devastation being inflicted on their cousins, if not brothers.
"We are very pleased that our names have been cleared and our good reputation has been restored," the Cordoba Initiative
NEW YORK, Feb 5 (Reuters) - The head of a proposed mosque that was to be built near the site of the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks
"Three Testaments" represents, in the light of how far the Interfaith experience has come in many ways since 9/11, a constructive and daring step forward in the dialogue between these major faiths.
The violent protests in Cairo and in Benghazi were painted with an anti-American brush, and attributed to the vile anti-Islamic video produced in California. But could it be that the 9/11 anniversary -- etched in our psyches -- precipitated the violent demonstrations?
Q: You write that the United States is, in many ways, a "Shariah-compliant nation." How so? A: Both Shariah and the Declaration
Excerpt from Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf’s Moving the Mountain: Beyond Ground Zero To A New Vision Of Islam In America (Free Press
Imam Feisal: The Future of Muslim and Christian Relations in the West from Q Ideas on Vimeo. Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf of the
As time marches on for the planning of the next Q, strategically scheduled for Washington D.C. in 2012, an election year, time will only tell which form of Christianity takes center stage.
Since 9/11, a negative image of Muslims was successfully portrayed in the media. However, the year 2010 witnessed a dramatic shift in auto-correcting that error by un-stereotyping Muslims.