By Eric Lifson The workplace landscape has changed. Social media has given everyone the access to more information than could
Replace "You should..." with "I'd like it if you..." Avoid unnecessary conflict and get more of what you desire. Find more
"There's no such thing as a back door for the good guys only."
An Instagram page appropriately named ‘Neighbors from Hell’ is curating some of the most unneighborly and down right meanest text messages sent from the people next door.
According to TechCrunch, the app offers users a variety of simple editing tools such as zoom, crop and cut. Both Next Web
Here's your new excuse for not responding to text messages. We can't guarantee that this will work for everyone (there are
[h/t Gizmodo] When the iPhone shipped in 2007, Jacklin was surprised as anyone when "158-marimba," as the sound was originally
Can you thwart government spying by using Apple chat services iMessage and Facetime? Apple has suggested that might be the
The more logical comparison would be made between Snapchat and other popular messaging apps. When you put Snapchat up against
The memo explains that these transmissions "are considered encrypted communication and cannot be intercepted, regardless
Not so fast, said Neil Papworth, the guy who sent the first text message out 20 years ago. Reached Monday by The Huffington
I was wondering when this was going to happen. As soon as Apple launched iOS 5 last year, many of us in the tech press took
Posts about the service being down began popping up on Internet forums like this one at and this one at MacRumors
Once you've got iTunes 10.5, open iTunes and plug your device into your computer; Apple's software updater should notify