Immaculate Conception

Rep. Matt Gaetz name-checks the Immaculate Conception, then can't explain it.
The Virgin Mary exemplifies the perfect mother's love. Some of us might see this perfection reflected in our own mothers, through their humble spirit, and deep love and devotion to God, as they put their children's needs before their own.
Advent is the season of Mary, when we wait with her as the child forming in her womb readies for his unveiling. And each year a number of questions come up, such as: Is Mary the mother of God? Is she without sin?
At the season finale of Dragnificent, Atlanta's premier drag competition, I saw the most offensive number I believe exists. Celeste Holmes, host of Dragnificent, introduced the performer by telling the audience, "You are not prepared for this." Celeste was right.
Attilio Poli is standing tall in the asphalt drive of his back yard. He's gazing at his fig trees and grapevines, but there's a faraway look in his eyes that takes him all the way to Venice.
We don't live in the Middle East where marriage of 13 year olds is legal. (In Iran it was legal at the age of nine for a
As the sun set last night, Colombians emerged to light up the night with candles and paper lanterns as they celebrated el
The tradition of having a Feast Day for the Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary was widespread both in the Eastern Orthodox
As William Doehring explains in the Examiner, the film is based on the work of prominent Biblical theologians such as Rudolf
You are all beautiful, Mary. and the original stain [of sin] is not in you. Your clothing is white as snow, and your face
Such long-term sperm storage “allows females to overcome climate challenges and other obstacles,” Warren Booth and his co
It is quite possible as a Christian to believe Jesus had a biological father and believe the story of the virgin conception says something important. It all depends on what you think "virgin" means.
Scared child. Proud parent. Beloved icon. Soul sister. In her startlingly beautiful new book, author Judith Dupre uses each of these phrases to describe the Virgin Mary. It is the last -- "soul sister" -- that sparked my imagination.
Rose Marie is a stoic woman, a no-nonsense product of the Great Depression and World War II. Yet as she talks about children, she can't stifle the slight smile that plays across her face.
Please God, let me have read my last story about Mary Cheney's "Immaculate Conception.'' It grates, that's all. One of the less objectionable things our president said this week, actually, was that he is happy for Mary Cheney. Mr. Bush said the vice president's daughter will "make a fine mom'' and will "be a loving soul to her child.'' I don't doubt he is sincere in extending his best wishes. Yet I am churlish all the same, thinking about all the less lovely sentiments his support of a gay marriage ban has stirred up.