immigrant deaths

Abel Reyes-Clemente is the fourth person to die in the agency's custody since November.
A new report reveals failures to provide adequate care for eight detainees.
"Faced with such a tragedy, I express my most heartfelt pain and promise to remember the victims and their families in prayer
As the year draws to an end, Europe's commitment to its humanitarian values is haunted by an unprecedented number of refugees drowning in the Mediterranean Sea.
In March, Italy's navy rescued more than 4,000 migrants from overcrowded boats in the Mediterranean sea south of Sicily in
Two weeks after I visited Tucson, the smell in the freezer inspires the will to peace, the necessary will to end the war -- in this case, the war on immigrants.
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The report, which bases its figures for the number of deaths on data from the U.S. Border Patrol, comes as the U.S. Congress