immigrant detention

One woman has been denied cancer treatment for more than two months. Other detainees have attempted to kill themselves.
The author told "The View" on Wednesday that when he found out little kids were being locked up in cages, he couldn't help but think, "This is like my book.”
Priests, nuns, lay Catholics and Newark Cardinal Joseph Tobin gathered outside an ICE office to protest the detention of migrant children and families.
Court filings detail reports from teen girls who say they were given one sanitary pad a day. After that, they were forced to sit in soiled underwear and pants.
In the episode featuring the hotline, detainee Gloria warns: “Apparently, if they figure out that you’re using the hotline, Big Brother shuts it down.”
The plan would require a massive restructuring of the migrant detention system.
The actor, who's in the television show "The Terror: Infamy," condemned the Trump administration's family separations along the southern U.S. border.
The "Muslims for Migrants" campaign has already secured the release of six detained parents.
Lawyers say the government is violating federal law and putting children's lives in danger.
The Democratic congresswoman said she saw “horrible” and “inhumane” conditions for migrants in detention centers at the border.
The "Star Trek" actor told GQ about how his experience in concentration camps for Japanese Americans during World War II compares to migrant detention today.
"I watched my baby girl die slowly and painfully just a few months before her second birthday,” Yazmin Juárez told a House subcommittee.
Rep. Jason Crow (D) has also called for ending privately run immigrant detention facilities.
Michelle Bachelet comments on reports of children sleeping on floors, poor sanitation and inadequate health care.
These young, progressive Jews are insisting that saying "Never again" to the Holocaust means speaking up about the government's treatment of migrants.
“If Illegal Immigrants are unhappy with the conditions in… detentions centers, just tell them not to come,” the president tweeted.
Laura Ingraham has downplayed the inhumanity of separating migrant children from their families. Texas congressman Joaquin Castro has had enough.
Mary Catherine Ford's ancestor Clayton Triggs opened the Manzanar War Relocation Center. She agrees detained migrants are in "concentration camps."
One official at a Border Patrol facility told investigators that the migrant crisis is a "ticking time bomb."
Nearly 150 scholars asked the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum to stop rejecting analogies to the Holocaust when discussing border detention centers.