immigrant experience

Adele and Joel Sandberg's families immigrated to the U.S. in the late 1800s.
Unlike the typical student, however, our childhood years were spent dealing with economic struggles, feelings of not belonging, teenage pregnancy, and run-ins with the police. My four siblings and I had to overcome these hardships to graduate. For each of us, our high school graduation day was a moment of triumph for our family, because the odds were against us from the very beginning.
Those immigrants -- then and now.
Daily Telegraph: "Her particular perspective on being black in America is full of new insight and great wisdom... an urgent
How far does the way we think about food reflect our prejudices and fears? And, do we know how much joy and delight we can give each other in the banquet of life?
Fedele Spadafora is a New York artist who is in the home stretch of that anxious journey which characterizes the development of the technically-trained painter: he is just about done making pictures in homage to his skills, and has nearly made his skills the servants of a vision.
From above, at a distance, we are but just one group; a loose association. Latinos, Hispanics or Chicano. Mexican Americans or 'sudacas'. This is how they see us from far away.
What David Laskin clearly expresses, and what must certainly be true of all wars, is that when the fighting begins, soldiers are fighting to live and to save their buddies.
If I were to drive my Prius into Arizona, I expect that the state troopers would probably wave me on with a smile, perhaps allowing themselves a chuckle about those "green" Californians.
Marc Gunther's father died -- and the appreciation by Marc is well worth reading.
This is an age of great problems, great global conflicts. The last thing we should be doing is worrying about who is more or less patriotic. That at any rate is an immigrant's point of view.