immigrant rights

The buck stopped with Richard Schmidt while Clarke was out campaigning for Donald Trump, critics say.
The White House mobilized the National Guard, threatened prosecution and likened the asylum-seekers to a national security threat. They’re coming anyway.
He was granted a stay of deportation after filing a lawsuit.
The irreparable harm done by rescinding DACA will impact Texas greatly and ripple throughout the nation.
José Andrés tore off his chef's coat to reveal an "I Am An Immigrant" shirt.
Immigrant rights advocates are hailing Thursday's ruling by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco, which refused to reinstate President Trump's ban on travelers from seven majority-Muslim countries. But they are also bracing for a prolonged legal fight with the White House.
As I write this I'm sitting at an Airbnb in Alexandria overlooking the Washington monument and the Capitol. The capital is now covered in fog.
We are all here to stay, and we won't stop protesting, organizing, advocating and engaging New Yorkers until the President-elect and his administration extend opportunity, equality, and justice to our immigrant communities, to all of #OurNY.