immune response

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A clinical trial of the vaccine against COVID-19 found it induces an immune reaction.
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Children are being hospitalized with pediatric multisystem inflammatory syndrome, which seems to be linked to coronavirus.
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A new study suggests that having multiple tattoos might mean you have a better-than-average immune system.
Students rated the shirts worn by the people injected with the toxin as more unpleasant and more intense-smelling than those
The healthy would have a better chance of surviving an epidemic if they could identify its first victims -- while they are still looking well -- and steer clear. Unfortunately, those early churnings of the immune system are far too subtle to detect. Or maybe not.
We have long known that bacteria living on and in our bodies outnumber our cells -- which themselves sum up to a number that exceeds any hope of real understanding -- by 20 to one. We are a rounding error in our own skin.