Ethan Lindenberger of Ohio said he based his decision on science, not spite.
Disparities in immunization rates persist between low-income and higher-income people.
For devoted soccer fans like me, the later winter months are a time filled with anticipation and excitement. In the coming
I am getting a flu shot, and so are all members of my family ― and you should, too. That’s the simple truth in plain light
In any setting, funding the supply and delivery of vaccines is a proven way to save lives. And with millions of children on the move, the stakes could not be higher.
Cervical cancer continues to wreak global havoc, and the underuse of a promising vaccine is an unfortunate reality that we must work to reverse.
Because October officially marks the beginning of flu season, the month of September is a critical time for all to get immunized against pneumonia and flu. This is an opportunity to bring attention to the need for persons of all ages, but especially older adults, to get these necessary vaccines.
Better data collection will help but even today every country in the world with only a single, national coverage estimate
In countries with little health infrastructure, parents confront a terrifying reality that I can't imagine as an American mother -- diseases such as measles, tetanus, and pneumonia that can kill children or disable them for a lifetime. And, all too often, that's just what happens.