The catch: It costs $475,000.
"If every patient has a different set of tumors, we can make a vaccine tailored to each patient."
Bee venom immunotherapy can help prevent life-threatening allergic reactions to insect stings. Unfortunately, the extract is in short supply.
"Oral immunotherapy" can help you reintroduce foods after an allergy has begun.
I keep wondering, in what seems the new, emperor’s-new-clothes-like surreality: where have all the grown-ups gone? Where
These are exciting times for anyone touched by lung cancer. I know I will keep a close watch on the progress being made in
By Ann Pietrangelo "Immunotherapy for cancer treatment is exploding," said Dr. David Chan, program director for oncology
Thanks to years of dedicated work, we now have the ability to gaze into the depths of cancer like never before. However, these investigations have untangled the true diversity of cancer at the genetic level.
While it is difficult sometimes to be motivated to advocate for yourself or someone else when you are in the middle of a cancer crisis, it is definitely something that you should consider. It may very well be that your doctor is perfectly positioned to provide you with the best of care available for your particular situation and if you feel that this is the case, then by all means feel free to proceed.
When people are surprised to see me, I tell them I'm among the early fortunate. I am grateful each day for my husband, family and friends. Facing death on a close horizon has heightened my awareness that our time on Earth is finite.