Imogen Poots

When I began reading all the "anticipated films of 2015" lists, it became pretty clear pretty quick that my own version of that list would differ greatly from most of what I was seeing.
From the instant we meet him in "All is By My Side," Hendrix's signature blend of humility and egoism is on display. He never
"I think the real concern with taking on an icon is people feel some sort of ownership with a figure like Hendrix: the fans, the family, and the people who were actually there. Then there's also the whole corporate side of it, which can turn into something pretty ugly."
"I find it quite dull if somebody is just like 'The Brit' in an American film," said Poots, who was born in London. "I find
Director Michael Winterbottom and star Steve Coogan have reunited for a another unique character study, this time focusing on Paul Raymond, real estate magnate and purveyor of, ahem, "adult" entertainment.
Maybe you're like me and know next to nothing about classical music, string quartets, and the men and women who perform it. But none of those things kept me from enjoying A Late Quartet, an impressive indie film.
A Late Quartet is a grown-up drama that loses sight of its own strengths. What makes it unique seems to be the very thing it seeks to squash.
A film about the ins and outs of a New York City quartet may sound less than enticing (the drones of deceased Baroque composers
The film also offers a more honest depiction of how hunky young Germans from starving families had no qualms about selling
More MMP on HuffPost: Centurion tends to focus on the resilience side of human existance, what with swords, hatchets, and
Solitary Man is a small movie dependent on the performance of a single actor: Michael Douglas. Go see it, it's not a waste of time.