Spreading holiday cheer means more than giving gifts -- it's also about giving back. Chronically Ill Mom Forced To Choose
Dahlia, who currently doesn't have a job and receives disability and food stamps, said she's not sure where she and her son
Boy, 10: Dear Santa, My name is David. My favorite sport is basketball. I like the color blue. ... What I would like for
Emily Burlingame told NECN that she found out about the random acts of kindness when she went to pay her layaway balance
After learning she had breast cancer in September 2013, Annie underwent four months of chemotherapy and four weeks of radiation
For Your Special Snowflakes That Can't Be Categorized For Your Humane Furry Friends Updated on Dec. 10, 2014; 12:00 p.m. EST
Officially launched as a nonprofit in 2006, There Really Is a Santa recorded its biggest holiday season last year, helping
“When I think about a life of greatness,” Brown told CBS, “I think about a life of service." Last year, 14 percent of American
President Mujica at his home on the outskirts of Montevideo on July 9, 2014. (Photo: DANIEL CASELLI/AFP/Getty Images) As
“In the 20 years I’ve been a pastor, this is the most critical situation we’ve ever faced,” Johns said, according to Buffalo
In reality, the kids get even more than what they can grab in those 80 seconds as Johnson also gives each child a gaming
"After a brief search, I found one of the nicest dudes I had ever met," Tribe wrote. "I asked him if he was hungry and then
In the rush-spend-give frenzy of the holiday season, it's worth pausing to think about those who have no one to give to them
After the “Halo” singer flew in, she landed directly in front of Taylon. When Taylon Davis, 12, learned that she had an inoperable
‘Tis the season to be jolly and these seven incredible stories of generosity remind us why. Secret Santas, benevolent celebrities
The family is among the one in seven Americans who receive food stamps. Terry Britton makes $8 an hour -- more than the $7.25
Turner matched each person up and even found her own mentor. She told HuffPost Live that she’ll be spending the holidays
It’s the season for opening up your hearts –- and wallets –- for causes that are dearest to you. But how can you give most
If you'd like to personally get in touch with a family, please email and we will do all we
“It was such a blessing,” Jacob Bean, petty officer third class, “ told the news outlet. “My mom was ecstatic.” During his