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And make no mistake, bridging that gap is a mutual responsibility that falls both to our organizations and to each of us
Dear Dr. Mayne, To date, scientists have discovered more than 150 different types of human milk oligosaccharides (each mother
One of my best friends from high school, Stephanie, died from breast cancer two years ago. She had battled the disease for years and just when things began to positively come together in her life, it came back with a vengeance and killed her.
Five years ago, at 23 years old and barely a year out of the Marine Corps, I launched my first company in my hometown. It's a source of pride to me that today, that company -- which offers supplemental tactical training to the military and law enforcement agencies -- is a thriving, successful business.
In 2007, when I left active duty, I thought my deploying days were done. I was wrong, and I'm so grateful for that. This past June, I answered my country's call to deploy again, but this time on the front lines of Detroit.
The message I set out to share seemed obvious: veterans make great employees -- if only employers knew where to look for
Linch: Give me the elevator pitch for your startup. I know why you decided to do a startup at all, why this one in particular
Linch: If a lot of your value-added is to help non-profits be better at sharing their stories with their donors, how do you
Let's teach our children that our freedom was bought and paid for by generations of service members they will never meet; while we can never repay our debt to them, it is our responsibility to remember them.
Later this week, I will travel to Houston to take part in a veteran and military spouse hiring expo hosted by Hiring Our