Impeachment of Donald Trump

The person with the most votes wins, Rep. Adam Kinzinger explained.
"The Daily Show" host tackles the former president's second impeachment acquittal.
Acquittal is expected in the evenly-divided Senate.
The South Carolina senator attempted his wildest defense of the former president yet.
Supercut shows just how rambling Bruce Castor's defense of former President Donald Trump was.
The "Jimmy Kimmel Live" host was curious about a key move the right-wing network made during the trial proceedings.
“Donald Trump has made a lot of stupid legal arguments over the years," said ex-acting Solicitor General Neal Katyal.
Despite signing a slew of executive orders, the new president is facing historic challenges and many dark days ahead.
In a torrent of lies, gaslighting, rationalization and minimization, GOP lawmakers rejected accountability for Trump’s incitement of insurrection.
The whole point of impeaching Trump now is that his rioters already ruined the peaceful transfer.