There's suddenly a “new ‘I’ word, and it’s ‘imprisonment,’ not 'impeachment,'” says former FBI official Frank Figliuzzi.
As female incarceration skyrockets, knowing what happens to pregnant women behind bars is more critical than ever.
And black adults were three times as likely as white ones to have close family in jail or prison for over a year, per a study from Cornell University and
Even inmates who work in prison are made, upon release, to pay for their own incarceration.
Some have argued that in the post-Iran-deal-era, the EU would prefer to engage Tehran with human rights dialogue rather than adopting aggressive strategies such as public statement or human rights sanctions. Yet, there is not a single piece of evidence to show such engagement.
While conducting a class one day a 12 year old boy approached and politely asked why there was not a black Santa Clause. This question set in motion a series of meetings that eventually led to the creation of Melanin Moments, LLC a premier product company designed to uplift and empower people of color.
Four years after Amir has sat behind the walls of Evin Prison, stripped of his dignity, due process, and human rights, he has been imprisoned in Iran longer than any American in history.
While looking for modern slavery is certainly not an easy task and there is still more to do in our own supply chains, it is something that all big companies can and must do.
A new documentary, "Dogs on the Inside," features a group of prison inmates searching for a second chance at life, in part
Kindness. It seems like such an easy choice. But a crazy thing happens when you drop your guard and step from behind that icy stand-offish barrier: people become comfortable around you.
One recent event held by the Osborne Association, an organization that the Foundation supports, really opened my eyes on the need to offer assistance to both incarcerated individuals and their families.
Corinna Mullin is an activist and academic currently based in Tunis. Mullin spent time working and studying in Palestine
Mass incarceration (source). Forty years in, the war on drugs has done almost nothing to prevent drugs from being sold or
Her dad may always carry the label "criminal," but her love for him serves as a reminder that the incarcerated are more than just the sum of their mistakes. To many kids like Jazree, they are family, and sometimes the one person they need the most.
The media just love anniversaries. But I'm wondering how many mass media outlets will pick up on a confluence of two such commemorations this coming week -- a 50th and a 20th -- which mark separate major events in the long life of a recently departed global giant.
While some researchers are looking for the fountain of youth, others are thinking that life extension will change the way we punish criminals. Philosophers and engineers are now exploring the possibility of making a life sentence in prison last hundreds -- and theoretically thousands -- of years.
If they were given financial guidance and entrepreneurship education, could the fate of these men been different?
4. The United States war on drugs has been conducted predominantly in communities of color. Human Rights Watch has found
According to a new report from The Sentencing Project, life sentences are on the rise, undeterred by the fact that crime is decreasing across the country, and despite efforts to reform the prison system.
Several competing public policies make "contempt of court" difficult to precisely define. It is a conundrum because of the difficult balance that must be maintained between orderly justice and arbitrary judicial actions.