in deep shift with jonas elrod

Sometimes, unexpected signs seem to pop up in life, pointing us in the right direction.
The truth, he says, is that a spiritual quest begins with finding a quiet space. "You can do it in the corner of your living
One of Lindgren's greatest fears is losing her connection to Teves. Rather than thinking of their love being gone, Yunt said
In actuality, Morissette was thrown into an 18-month worldwide tour, a grueling schedule that put intense pressure on the
Reading the online comments, Zayid got the "shock of a lifetime," she said. "Because everybody was making fun of me. They
Like Us On Facebook | Follow Us On Twitter "What I've realized, though, is experiencing the depth of the tragedy and actually
"In Deep Shift with Jonas Elrod" airs Sundays at noon ET on OWN. 2. Breakthrough The breakthrough, Elrod explains, is when
"My mouth started watering," she says. "I got that urge, that thing that happens when an addict is in the midst of an obsession
"My purpose is just kids, our next generation," Vince says. "Making sure they can live their dream, the dream that I'm living
Brown told Young to think carefully. "If I'm you, I look very closely at what's going to happen if I leave, and that means
"I just didn't have the heart to move them," Amanda says. "It just felt like he would be more gone, and I don't feel like
While surgery wasn't the magical cure Larsen was hoping for, she's taking steps to heal her body, mind and spirit. Watch
"I didn't actually come out and tell her," Mary says. "I might have showed concern, because I knew what I went through because
Neal recently appeared on "In Deep Shift with Jonas Elrod," a new series on OWN that takes an in-depth look at real people
Jonas Elrod joins us to discuss how he originally mistook his spiritual revelations for a tumor.