in deep shift with jonas elrod

Sometimes, unexpected signs seem to pop up in life, pointing us in the right direction.
And while an exotic location may be a beautiful backdrop for your spiritual practice, Elrod says 10 minutes of meditation
The important thing to remember, Yunt says, is that a relationship with a loved one "absolutely" continues after death. "And
"Here's what's a trip about you," filmmaker Jonas Elrod says to Morissette. "Your music has been healing for a lot of people
In the video below, Zayid appears on HuffPost Live and talks more about how living with cerebral palsy hasn't held her back
"It is a very difficult, arduous climb," Perry said. "The higher you get, the more difficult it is. There's parts of it that
2. Breakthrough The breakthrough, Elrod explains, is when you have that aha! moment. "Breakdowns, not so fun," he says. "Breakthroughs
Nicholson is now 25 years sober and the author of Soul Recovery: 12 Keys to Healing Addiction. She continues to bravely work
Today, Young has dug himself out of the depression and financial ruin that plagued him after leaving pro sports. He says
Cutting his college career short, Young entered the NFL draft and was picked up by the Tennessee Titans. His professional