in living color

Respectability politics and white America helped sideline some of the most insightful humor of the '90s — when we needed it the most.
The pilot episode of the popular ’90s sketch comedy series will be screened at the 18th annual Tribeca Film Festival.
The superstar got her start as a Fly Girl dancer on the '90s hit show.
"My sister looks like Cindy Brady."
On July 24, 1969, Guadalupe and David Lopez welcomed their baby daughter Jennifer Lynn into the world. Jennifer Lopez, a
A show was only as good as its theme song back in the day. Those catchy show-openers were a crucial part of why we keep coming
Black Twitter's response to Jones' sketch was similarly swift and opinionated. Grier has a point. Just earlier this week
As to how that brand of comedy would fare today, Grier noted, "The politics and the social awareness of today [are] different
Comedian David Alan Grier joins HuffPost Live to discuss his time on "In Living Color."