In Search of Lost Time

Real estate agents are not only in the business for houses and apartments, but above all, are selling an illusion of who
While we live in an era where a large portion of the population likely dedicates a vast majority of their leisurely reading time glossing over 140 character snippets from friends, family, and celebrities via Twitter, there is an alternative for brave individuals, the novel.
An endless literary masterpiece condensed to its sensible essentials.
Nevertheless, the BITCOIN idea is sheer Proustian in its alternative logic and shares the main features of Harai's description "humans are different because they inhabit an imagined world."
Macbeth is surely one of the worst hosts ever dreamed up by a playwright, but he has plenty of company in literature as a whole.
Dip a madeleine in tea. Yes, because 2013 is the centennial of the original French publication of Marcel Proust's Swann's Way.
While Woody focuses on the idea that every generation thinks the previous generation was simpler, Ms. Stern focuses on something less debatable: Lost time. All Ms. Stern wants is for us to put our iPhones down.
But sometimes the grimmest stuff provides the best fodder for novels, and sometimes being in the midst of the struggle allows