The epic shipwreck tale couldn't stand up to The Force (even before it arrived).
Thomas Nickerson grew up on Nantucket in the early 1800s, when that island was the world's capital of the brutal and highly profitable whaling industry. It was a place where, Philbrick explained, every boy dreamed of going to sea and hunting whales, and maybe becoming rich as a result.
After a lackluster fall box office, audiences have big expectations for the winter movie season, featuring Oscar contenders
With In the Heart of the Sea Ron Howard does it again. Our discussion revolves around the philosophical, emotional and sociological underpinnings that drive the film and its characters.
Philbrick is a brilliant storyteller. He breathes life into history as he recounts the experiences of these men who left their homes and families for up to two years at a time to hunt, kill and fill barrel after barrel with whale oil.
If you ever wondered how Herman Melville's "Moby Dick" came to be, Ron Howard has made your perfect movie. "In The Heart
It's a few days before his film, Love and Other Drugs, reaches theaters and Edward Zwick is sipping tea, as calm as can be expected.