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The colorful new trailer promises a film that highlights Latinx issues such as immigration and gentrification.
The "Hamilton" and "In the Heights" composer is celebrated in Michael Korte's latest video.
Here are some highlights from Lin Manuel Miranda’s best speeches.
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A Chicago theater received criticism after announcing that a white actor would play the lead role in a production of Lin Manuel-Miranda's "In The Heights."
However one perceives 'Hamilton', it has done the one thing that any art seeks to do.
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Here are all the reasons you'll want to see Lin-Manuel Miranda's "In The Heights" film adaptation.
When you think of a spotlight, it's hard to imagine a brighter one than the one shining on the Broadway juggernaut, Hamilton, and its creator and star Lin-Manuel Miranda.
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We'd pay to see him do this on Broadway. 👏👏👏
Latino Voices
Hamilton does what no other show has ever had the gall to do, re-tell history with a Black and Brown narrative through hip-hop. In an industry that often casts African Kings and Queens in Egypt with white actors, there were many who thought the reverse was unfathomable.
The push-pull of their competing visions still fuels our politics, but we live in Hamilton's world, not Jefferson's.