in vitro fertilization

Some fertility clinics are offering PRP treatment to patients, but there isn't yet solid evidence of its effectiveness.
“I’ve spent so many years protecting my story about IVF," the "Friends" star said, adding that she doesn't have "anything to hide" anymore.
Experts share their advice for easing the financial burden of IVF and other costly procedures.
"Was it really worth jeopardizing my well-being just to have a genetic link to my non-guaranteed future child? I decided that I would try," the author writes.
Experts weigh in after a recent episode of "The Kardashians" implied in vitro fertilization medication could lead to menopause.
Corey Briskin and Nicholas Maggipinto say an outdated and discriminatory concept of "infertility" has prevented them from trying to have a child.
The model and her husband, John Legend, are trying to conceive again after suffering a pregnancy loss in 2020.
Even if you have good intentions, certain comments about pregnancy, miscarriage or IVF can be hurtful — especially this time of year.
"I had no idea how disruptive the procedure would be."
"Never getting married would not be a life regret for me. Not trying to have my own child would be."