Inauguration 2013

Pope Francis stopped the procession to his inaugural mass to kiss and bless a disabled man and a baby. The estatic faces
But perhaps the key to the business is its personal, family touch - some of the brothers' current employees also worked for
The passage of time shows us that change is inevitable and progress is eventual. But we often can't see this looking ahead.
In honor of the occasion, we wanted to present our favorite portraits of the president below. Instead of Businessweek's wizened
Folks turned up to be a part of the second inauguration of Barack Hussein Obama with hope in their hearts and a dream in their eyes. America was alive that day in Washington.
Several have noted the president's unapologetic tone in his second inaugural address. With the whole world watching, it was a call to action to end discrimination against gay and lesbian Americans. For that we can be proud. I know I am.
"We knew we wanted to pay tribute to [Martin Luther] King in some way. So it kind of fit right there," he added. "Before
Obama's speech cleared up any lingering doubts about his commitment to LGBT equality. He signaled that he views this topic as more than a political issue to give lip service to. What we heard was a man who considers LGBT equality an important legacy issue.
While Christie's take isn't new, his comments do mark the breaking of a relative cease-fire with Obama. The governor has
The president's words struck me to the core. Just as I became an accidental activist when I transitioned, I was an accidental participant in the Stonewall uprising when I stumbled upon the chaos when I was trying to attend a concert at the Village Vanguard on the night of June 28, 1969.