incarcerated parents

My mother has been incarcerated, on and off, for nearly a decade now.
“I can’t wait for you to be out here, and for us to try to make up the past 13 years.”
LGBT parents with a criminal record face the added challenges of discrimination based on sexual orientation and/or gender identity and a lack of LGBT competency and support in parole, probation, and reentry programs.
“A kid shouldn’t suffer the same sentence that their parents are suffering.”
The instances where staggered sentences have been used reveals that they are an exercise of judicial discretion usually reserved for wealthy defendants.
As a young girl, the classroom was the one place where I felt free -- where I felt safe. Not that I grew up in an unsafe environment, but as a teenager, I associated home with stress. School was where my friends were, where the teachers I loved were, and where I could learn new things.
Even though there may not be quantifiable statistics that prove that yoga prevents recidivism, our purpose is to infiltrate and claim as much spiritual real estate as possible. We teach yoga to incarcerated women because we believe yoga can help them go on to experience the full expression of their lives.
I'm angry, and at the same time, I'm sad [about having missed so much time with my family]. Instead of allowing these negative