The late Martha Wright-Reed became a phone justice activist after having to choose between paying for her medication and speaking with her grandson.
The coronavirus is ravaging prisons and jails across the U.S., killing hundreds and infecting tens of thousands. Now, incarcerated people and criminal justice advocates are calling for swift action to stop the virus from spreading.
After thousands of COVID-19 deaths, most prisons and jails are still too crowded for social distancing and staff aren’t required to get vaccinated.
"When you think about prison, do you think about tenderness, caring, and connections? They’re not common, but they’re here."
New data shows there are 810 incarcerated people for every 100,000 adults in the U.S.
More than 20 states still have food benefit restrictions for people convicted of drug felonies thanks to a law from the 1990s.
"You don’t really know someone until you’ve navigated the criminal legal system with him. Until you’ve been kept apart by arbitrary and unnecessarily punitive laws."
The pandemic inside prisons could get much worse unless other states follow New Jersey's lead.
A mother in Oklahoma is poised for release from prison and eager to support her kids’ education, but the coronavirus has deepened their family separation.