“We have too often treated these crimes as something less than other kinds of terrorism," said Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance.
The European Union, soon to mark 60 years since the ground-breaking Treaty of Rome, is at risk, especially after the Brexit
One of the lessons professional journalists have learned over the years is that objectivity and balance can sometimes be wrongly used. If, as a journalist, you are witnessing rain, you are not obliged to report that one side says it is raining and the other side says it is not. You have an obligation to your audience to tell it simply that it is raining.
Expect the expected this week from Paris, or as columnist and former diplomat Jeffrey Robbins summarizes it beautifully in
If we truly want to put an end to violence, not only during this round, but to make sure there are no more rounds, its time we get serious and put our efforts and attention where difference can really be made.
Freedom of speech might be integral to the hard-won flowering of modern freedoms valued in the West, but its fragile bloom has faded and could die without proper tending by courageous politicians and media working in a global partnership to oppose Islamism and the Zeitgeist of political correctness.
I believe it is a good idea for the US and other world countries to immediately stop aid to any country that shoots civilian
Whoever agrees that the preferred solution to the conflict are two-states-for-two-peoples needs to realize that this possibility to implement is gradually slipping away while no progress, however small or incremental, is being made.
Instead of embracing positive steps by the Palestinian government, Israel seems determined to ignore the positive reality and hark back to previous times with accusations of Palestinian 'incitement.'
Watchdog organizations have shined a light on the content of books in schools in the Palestinian territories -- and what they illuminated was a consistent pattern of propaganda.