income tax

“We've leaned into individual responsibility in Colorado,” said Polis, who made a fortune as an internet entrepreneur.
Full Segment: Pulling the tax debate outside the beltway, Republicans are pushing to start taxing spending instead of income, but critics say that's unfair.
The rise is attributed to COVID-19 unemployment, tax credits and other relief measures.
The senator pitched new income taxes for half the country, then denied that he did.
Colorado Gov. Jared Polis said he prefers taxes on “things you actually want to penalize in society,” such as pollution and cigarette smoking.
Some Democrats, who have promised to fight for ordinary people, are reluctant to raise taxes on the rich.
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But the president did have enough time to lie about it.
There was no "economic populist agenda” once Trump was elected, wrote the former RNC spokesman. But his new tax law became a "boon to the wealthy."
The bombshell New York Times report was published just days ahead of the president's debate with Joe Biden.