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Fred Smith slammed the newspaper's report on how the company drove its tax bill down to zero in 2018.
Stephen Moore also once noted that income inequality is a problem — and the solution is more billionaires.
Congress needed the documents to provide oversight of tax evasion and revenue collection.
Amazon, Chevron, Netflix, Eli Lilly, IBM and General Motors are reaping tax cut benefits and paying nothing.
“A woman has the right to choose, but apparently, the prosecutor feels I do not,” Michael Bowman told the court.
Democratic efforts to offset the lost state tax deductions are fraught with practical and political problems.
Their new tax bill lavishes breaks on businesses that underpay what they owe.
Wherever you fall along these lines, you want to make sure that your taxes are accurately being prepared to ensure that you
How the state would make up for billions in lost revenue is still a mystery.
But the little information that has been reported raises questions about how Mr. Trump got to his low- or no-tax destination
MIAMI: Goodyear Satire Company-- (If nobody pays taxes, the government won't be able to operate, and we'll lose essential
The 47 percent remark that destroyed Mitt Romney in 2012 isn't impacting Trump’s 2016 campaign.
Dear Carrie, I'm thinking of supplementing my income by driving for a rideshare service. What's the smartest way to think
In this case, one issue could be that the Form W-4 worksheet was completed for the second job within the family, regardless