Political professionals and lobbyists often name a bill the opposite of what it does. The Clean Air Act, the Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act, and the No Child Left Behind Act are all disingenuously named.
Howard Fineman talks with Alyona about how the 2014 Midterm Elections compare to the 2010 elections.
You might think that with such low approval ratings, Americans would be stalking the ballot box, waiting to vote out their dysfunctional leaders, right?
While a challenger's presidential campaign can quickly adjust and adapt to shifting seas like a speedboat, an incumbent's campaign behaves more like a battleship, maneuvering slowly and making very large waves.
Too often, moderate incumbents like Lugar lose perspective of why they were elected, how to do their jobs and the plight of their constituents.
If there were contested general elections in every political race, there would be no talk of mandatory term limits because the voters would have a greater ability to vote out of office those who did not deserve to be there.
That's not stopping Johnson from trying to topple Goliath again. "You have to be the strongest person in the world to come
In an Associated Press poll released last week, 38 percent of respondents approved of the job Democrats in Congress are doing
We change now for change's sake, hoping that somehow it is not insanity for us to repeat ourselves but that one of these new leaders will provide anything besides rhetoric and/or going through the motions.
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