indecent exposure

Michelle Sutherland was recreating Virginia’s state flag, which features a goddess' exposed breast, when she was arrested for indecent exposure.
Witnesses at Ripley's Aquarium of Canada said the man seemed "totally relaxed" during his swim with sharks.
"Females baring their breasts is seen by society as unpalatable," says city attorney.
Suspect allegedly tells cops he thought victim was "enjoying it."
The volunteer allegedly exposed himself outside a Food City in Tennessee.
Two weeks ago, we kind of went out on a limb (the polling evidence was not all that clear when we wrote it) and subtitled our previous column: "Donald Trump, Frontrunner." Since that time, such a statement has gone from being a wild prediction to becoming an equally-wild reality.
Meyer is charged with indecent exposure, a misdemeanor. He was booked and released on Sunday. No picnic table is safe. Meyer
The mailman said this was the second time he had caught Harrington masturbating. In July, Alvin was arrested after allegedly
Among those to decry Del Valle's treatment was Think Progress blogger Zack Ford. "Whatever transgender policy the jail supposedly
A man in South Carolina treated one happy couple to a ceremony they will always remember -- by exposing himself at their
The Denver Post, citing a 2002 article from the Austin-American Statesman, reports that 63-year-old Daniel Michael Drinan