Catalonia declared independence on Friday. Minutes later, Spain imposed direct rule.
The Spanish government has vowed to "sack" Puigdemont and his government amid rising tensions.
What are we to make of our nation as we celebrate 241 years of Independence?
The overwhelming majority of Kurds want independence.
We are free to be ourselves without the burden of the expectations of others.
"Men were saying, '#ItAintRape if I don't feel bad afterwards,' #ItAintRape if she's unconscious and can't say no,' #ItAintRape
This article was originally published on Despite her discomfort, Alison gets ready for the event. "You can
Michael Odhiambo Otieno, Takawiri Craft Enterprises Limited, Kenya. Sustainable solutions to controlling a locally invasive
School beginning can be both exciting and stressful for parents and kids alike. The most important thing to ease the strain is to be a good, carefully attentive listener.
When school begins routines and schedules change and chores for kids seem last on the list of things to do. Yet you want to include chores in these routines so they are followed throughout the year without a fuss. A great way to make them work is to make them a parent-child/teen effort.
“He’s letting you travel alone for that long?”
But like many Armenians I will be thinking about what might have been, about the opportunities lost. He summoned Armenian
I can't change these circumstances, so it's what I do in the midst of the situation that determines how high I rise.
Today, find peace with your discomfort. Embrace the stickiness. Ask for its lessons and guidance. Trust that your uneasiness is the vehicle to catapult you to places you've never been before. Use discomfort to your advantage in creating a life you dream of.