independent contractors

"Poverty is not an innovation," an Australian union official says.
Reigning in worker misclassification and the abuse of so-called "independent contractors" is one of the more daunting challenges in taking on economic inequality. But any serious plan to address the nation's economic divide must include an aggressive strategy to take on this costly epidemic.
None of this changes the fact that the American political conversation this election season is being driven by the widely
One of the particularly divisive issues that come up is the legal status of workers in these industries and the way they
A U.S. judge rejected a previous $12.25 million deal from drivers claiming employee status as too small.
In the nearly two decades that I have been advising small business owners, I can't count the number of times the problems faced by the organization involved misclassification of staff as independent contractors (IC) instead of employees.
As on-demand companies like Uber and Instacart find savvy ways to navigate employment law, the misclassification of employees as independent contractors allows them to maximize profits at their workers' expense.
Spending 20-30 hours of week "producing content" (blogs, Youtube videos, Instagram photos) does not have direct or immediate
It's pouring rain out during the morning rush hour and you're standing on a corner with your aging mother with no taxis in sight.