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Concern about women's safety has risen since the fatal gang rape of a 23-year-old student on a bus in Delhi in 2012.
Better access to Internet and the advent of 24/7 media have increased the direct sources for millions of women for crucial
Soon after, she received a call from the police and within days, her husband was arrested and charged with dowry torture
The men almost seem dumbfounded that Bhatt is so trusting of them, but that drives home the director's point. A woman's actions
The majority of publicly traded Indian companies -- 922 of 1,462 -- have no women on their boards. But there is good news at the lower ranks -- and it will give India a major advantage in the future.
Do women and girls feel safer? Are perpetrators of sexual violence held accountable? Or is justice languishing in courtrooms and police stations while women continue to fear for their safety every time they step out of their homes?
Unsurprisingly then, voters turned to the internet en masse to weigh in on last week's controversy. Abu Azmi, of India's
While the Nirbheek is billed by its makers as a “valuable contribution to women’s safety," opponents have criticized the
Going home again is rarely an option for girls and women who have been forced into prostitution in India. Whether they have escaped or have been rescued, their families often shun them. The result is that girls and women need support to establish new lives.
FirstPost explains: [W]hen humans are beaten up with such pitiless ferocity, the entire country save the media – which too
The death of the 23-year-old woman, who has not been named, prompted street protests across India, international outrage
Should the woman die, it could trigger fresh outrage over the case, which caught Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's government
Holding local government to account is one of the most important tools people have to end their own hunger and poverty. But in most of the developing world, this is just a dream.
For all the challenges that India may have, it's a wonderful country. The people are warm, smart, generous and tireless workers. I hope this is the first of many trips that I will take to this country.
My Indian friends tell me that I need not be afraid of being Jewish here. But one meeting with a woman who has thus far shattered all my prejudices isn't going to crush this last one.
NEW DELHI, Oct 22 (IPS) - It has been more than eight years since the January 2001 earthquake struck the Indian state of
NILOKHERI, India -- An ideal groom in this dusty farming village is a vegetarian, does not drink, has good prospects for
Boxing represents a new kind of freedom to the women who entered this steamy, old-fashioned ring on India's southern tip