Indian cuisine

A viral egg fried rice video has sparked a big debate: To soak or not to soak?
The owners of curry houses in London's Brick Lane, Birmingham's Balti Triangle, and Preston speak frankly about their prospects for the future.
The creator wanted to facilitate a comfort dish for each of the newest clans in North America: porridge for the Chinese, dal for Indians, beans for Latinos.
Hirva Thecha Fennel Shrimp, Squid Pakora, Mushroom Khichdi, Truffle Oil. Photo: Jingo Media. Specializing in modern Indian
Everything comes alive in this film from the delightful differences in the characters to the golden glow of the french countryside.
Located along India’s West Coast along the Arabian Sea, Goa is India’s smallest state by area and fourth smallest state by
As if Indian cuisine weren't rich and varied enough, some Southeast Asian chefs are eager to take their food to the next level: melding its flavors with those of other cultures.
A media advisory explains the Banyan's religious significance: Below, check out a photo tour of the new space and a look
While many home cooks have browsed through Indian recipes, many of us were deterred from ever trying one in our own kitchen
As I was researching the literature on cancer prevention and treatment, there was one statistic that struck me as really interesting. East Indians are much less likely to develop cancer. In fact, the numbers are staggering.