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“If you really want to be a cultural appropriation enabler, the least you can do is call it a Tikka."
Weddings are special and unique in every culture around the world. Indian weddings are also fun and full with lot of activity. In India the customs of marriage change with regions and also with languages.
Jewelry and adornments take on a whole new meaning in South Asian celebrations -- did you know there's an auspicious sign behind nearly every piece of jewelry a South Asian bride wears?
When asked about the budget for the weekend-long affair, Pankaj declined to provide a number. Houston couple Pankaj and Avnie
We've got seven stunning ideas that will have the magic of mehndi making a high-impact style statement on your big day!
"It is an honor to capture the love stories of all couples in love. It is important for couples to feel proud when they find
A symbol of majestic grace, elegant beauty and joyful love, it's no surprise that the national bird of India, the peacock, can also serve as a stunning motif for any wedding celebration. Take a look at our gallery filled with peacock-inspired ideas.
Whether you're trying to plan a multicultural wedding and looking for ways to incorporate South Asian touches to your celebration, or if you're just in love with the glamour and glitz, we've got five simple and gorgeous ideas that will help any bride add some serious South Asian flair!