Indiana Senate

GOP state Sen. Dennis Kruse's bill specifies the minimum dimensions of the poster he hopes to mandate in Indiana schools.
But support for same-sex marriage has become significantly more mainstream since Hill's time in office. The Democratic Party
Indiana is a Republican-leaning state. And there is a bench of viable alternatives for the GOP, including Reps. Marlin Stutzman
Donnelly's campaign also released a poll this week that more closely echoed the Howey/DePauw poll's results, showing Donnelly
What's happening in your district? The Huffington Post wants to know about all the campaign ads, mailers, robocalls, candidate
This latest negative attack ad from Tim Kaine’s allies turns it back on the truth to play politics for veterans’ votes. Virginia
Perhaps more startling than McConnell's support was Sen. John McCain's announcement. The Arizona Republican, who had withdrawn
With Mourdock and Donnelly both staking out turf in the middle, Horning may have posed an unexpected threat from Mourdock's
In Missouri, Republican candidate Todd Akin prompted an uproar by saying women's bodies have defenses against pregnancy after
Asked on Capitol Hill Tuesday about his penchant for making historic comparisons that some find objectionable, Mourdock stood
The Republican state treasurer argued during his primary contest against Sen. Richard Lugar that the climate now is like
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On Monday Indiana Democrats have been highlighting the remark, noting that while cancer takes a huge toll in Indiana every
Voters, Cecil predicted, will balk at the idea the Senate could go the way of the House, with Republican Senate candidates
Mourdock, the state treasurer, toppled Sen. Dick Lugar earlier this month in the GOP primary in part on a platform that includes
"The magnets can pull the middle apart," Clinton said. "We need a magnet in the middle and it is the process, it is the idea
WASHINGTON -- Sen. Richard Lugar (R-Ind.) on Tuesday declined to say whether he would campaign with Richard Mourdock, the
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While I could vigorously dispute some of Lugar's actions while applauding others, I am passionately interested in breaking the gridlock to address our nation's most pressing challenges.
UPDATE: 11:47 p.m. -- Mourdock's campaign manager, Jim Holden, responded with this statement by email: All of that is wrapped