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The 36-year-old American climbed out of the car and appeared uninjured.
Takuma Sato says he respects the Denver Post's decision.
The business of sport is changing, yet there are those who will persist in their prejudice.
Copyright 2016 by Jerry Zezima "Did you ever want to race in the Indy 500?" I asked. When I told Tony I'm not handy enough
"There were moments where I was stoked, moments where I were heartbroken, moments where I was stoked again. I need to see a psychiatrist after this."
Total Cost to Attend the Indy 500 How the 7 Highest-Paid NHL Players Earn Their Income 20 Richest Female Athletes Miller
When Bertha Benz went on the first long-distance automobile trip in 1888 (with her sons), the wife of Carl Benz (the Benz of Mercedes Benz) demonstrated that automobile travel was practical. Wide-scale adoption of automobiles followed her daring adventure (which she undertook without informing her husband).
After a tough month of May, and a hard-fought finish in the 2015 Indianapolis 500, IndyCar driver Pippa Mann took a second checkered flag later that day when her #GetInvolved campaign completed -- with a surprise result.
Walking the grid, one quickly realizes that women have entwined themselves with every part of race day operations at the Indianapolis 500. From pit crews to news reporters and over the wall personnel to engineers, women serve a role in every component of the Indy 500.