The New York congresswoman joins the ranks of numerous other Democrats calling for his resignation after a bombshell corruption indictment.
The president's son is indicted on three charges that accuse him of using drugs while possessing a firearm in 2018 and lying about it on a federal form.
Justice Department special counsel Jack Smith is warning that former President Donald Trump’s “daily” statements risk tainting a jury pool.
A resurfaced Fox News clip from 2016 shows the host ranting about why Hilary Clinton’s criminal investigations should preclude her from being president.
The former president has turned himself in after being charged with more than a dozen felonies for his attempts to overturn his 2020 election loss in Georgia.
The former White House chief of staff and former Justice Department official separately argued to bar their arrests as they seek to move the case to federal court.
Look no further for the harshly-lit booking photos of the named defendants, as each one turns themselves in to the Fulton County Sheriff's Office.
Federal prosecutors said the witness, reportedly an IT director at Mar-a-Lago, has retracted “prior false testimony” after switching attorneys.
The former Justice Department official is miffed about “the choice of making rushed travel arrangements to fly into Atlanta" or face being labeled a fugitive.