The special counsel has delivered his completed report on his investigation into election interference to Attorney General William Barr.
Who is George Papadopoulos, and why does his guilty plea matter?
Recently unsealed documents reveal a secret cooperation with the FBI.
Gordon Gekko said it best in Oliver Stone's classic Wall Street, "The most valuable commodity in the world is information." Indeed, that's true, but of course, the ruthless insider trader played by Michael Douglas implored his young protégé Bud Fox (Charlie Sheen) to take it a little bit further.
Maryland State Attorney Marilyn Mosby acted swiftly and courageously in indicting the cops who killed Freddie Gray. But as time has shown, it's one thing to indict and another to convict cops. Let's hope this go-round it will be different.
If the court of public opinion has an impact on a jury's decisions, Texas Governor Rick Perry may have a chance of beating his indictments. Except that's not what this case is about.
A disturbing pattern seems to be forming in Washington: Evidence of financial wrongdoing leads to settlements with large banking institutions, but with no apparent move to indict the individuals responsible.
When is Attorney General Cuomo going to investigate the wrongdoing in Yonkers and Forest City Ratner's role in it? Smoke in Yonkers could signal a fire in Brooklyn.
In the case of the fatal beating of Luis Ramirez, a federal grand jury recently delivered indictments that included the commission of a hate crime, obstruction of justice, official misconduct, and extortion.
Long before the ink was dry on the first sentence in the Mitchell Report, the giddy orgy of Bond's vilification was brutal and relentless.