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photo by E. Natiello Small Business Saturday, the day after Black Friday, and two days before Cyber Monday, is a relatively
For most indie authors, Barnes & Noble can be their worst enemy. Why? Well, there are not very friendly. I only got a book signing there because of my publisher (Morgan James Publishing). Although, it was not worth my time there at all.
Whenever my husband and I go to a new town, we find the bookstore, and when we walk in, we feel the town's heart beat, stories happening like waves rushing in, like the universe being born.
Lynn Rosen has viewed the book publishing business from every perspective. She has worked as an editor, literary agent, journalist, and author. I sat down with her to ask her about her latest and maybe bravest endeavor -- independent bookstore owner.
Bookstores? They need to adapt and change, too, as many have. Because they are valuable, sacrosanct for some. Holy places. The church of the passionate reader, the beloved local business that nurtures local writers; a community's heart and soul thriving on that most precious of commodities: ideas, words, art, emotion.
For avid readers, a bookstore is as much part of the social fabric of the community as is an old-fashioned town square or a beloved park.
"What book will really capture your heart and mind?"
Aren't there authors who stay outside the mainstream and are better for it? To satisfy myself, I concocted a version of objective analysis sufficiently rigorous to help a fiction writer relax. Scientists, shut your eyes.
What’s going on? And why might B&N’s current struggles spell good news for those who still love indie booksellers? This month
Other people’s bookshelves Though my parents were generous about library trips and bookstore treats, it wasn’t uncommon for
Last year, the Obamas spent Small Business Saturday pursuing a local bookstore, and a number of indie stores held events
In case you're an Indie author reading this looking for the silver lining, let me say now that it does not exist, not yet anyway.
Patterson urged viewers to go to local libraries or local bookstores, then made a surprising announcement: Over the next
President Obama recently responded to a letter from New England Independent Booksellers Association director Steve Fischer
An idea has taken root in certain quarters that publishers aren't necessary any more. And for that matter, who needs bookstores? It's a seductive idea, but it gnores the fundamental realities of the book business.
The bookstore is a physical experience that digital technology can't replicate. People like the idea that they exist, but