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The festival annually presents films ranging from Hollywood fare to obscure international indie features. This year opened
This is one of the hardest curve balls that life can throw at a person.
A huge perk of hosting our campaign on Seed&Spark are the distribution incentives. Projects that amass 500 followers -- who
A bit of 'inside baseball', but the core idea is that now that we have populist demand-style theatrical distribution models, some minimum, geographically-agnostic box office threshold should also (by no means, exclusively) be an adequate litmus test for Academy Awards consideration.
Smarter than the average indie and more emotionally engaging than a multiplex of studio movies, brand-new feature film Homecoming screened for the very first time this week, to a packed and very enthusiastic house at Laemmle's Music Hall in Beverly Hills.
"The velocity of learning", is evident in lessons learned creating the 'Safenight' app. In her TedXBerkley talk, we hear
People have said to us there are more important things to worry about than our civil rights during this election year, yes are there other things to worry about but don't trivialize civil rights, especially if you've never had to fight for yours!
It is time for us to be the stars of the coming-to-age movies and not just the sidekicks or comedic relief. Give the next generation of movie-watcher a chance to experience us the way that we see ourselves; as quirky, cool and sometimes awkward individuals that have a passion for random things.
Rino was offered to direct a 'making of' documentary of an Indie feature. He deferred to attend college, graduating in 2010
If you are fortyish lesbian living in Toronto who's been to bed with every other fortyish lesbian living in Toronto, some of whom reside with cats, you can finally experience yourself on screen thanks with Portrait of a Serial Monogamist.