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What are the differences between an indie film being made versus a major studio?
I"ve heard Jef Levy describe himself as a recluse, and indeed the Los Angeles-based film producer, director, writer and actor may be reclusive and enigmatic, but after a long and illustrious career in television and feature film work, the cinematic scholar continues to make edgy movies.
Cinema is never demarcated as art or commercial anywhere in the world but always good or bad. But unfortunately, in India, it's different.
The job of most indie filmmakers is truly a labor of love, devoted to creating and producing films that very few people ever see. But the industry is finally seeing some push back from indie filmmakers Emily Best and Erica Anderson.
That being said, it is a bit long, 15 minutes too long (hard to cut into one's own arm) and slightly confusing when Triska
It seemed to call out to me like no other listing I'd read. It's strange, because I'd never worked on a film before. But I'm a writer. A storyteller. Isn't film just visual storytelling?
Bolivia is a country where people take to the streets when things go wrong, so I knew it wouldn't be difficult to capture
Kevin Hamedani (on right in photo) is a filmmaker who is both brave and a bit crazy. While touring the country's film festivals
Going to a club and handing a cute lesbian a flyer that says, "Come to our fundraising event!" feels so basic compared with treating your movie like a person, giving it a Twitter handle, and then wondering, "What would my movie tweet today? What does it have to say?"
The film stars Margaret Laurena Kemp as protagonist Alyssa, who falls for another woman at a local bookstore, while Eden
good producer LOVES film, and in the end the mark of a good producer is that ability to recognize the great project and then passionately share it with others.
Writer-director Sean Baker may not (yet) be a household name, but his fan base is growing exponentially with his latest effort, Starlet, a cinematic gem.
The short narrative film Volar en línea recta ("Fly in a straight line") by The Ninth Octave Films, introduces the talents of nine young northern Nicaraguans who had never acted before.
I object to the idea that the personal and the political have nothing to do with each other. I suspect it is precisely this divided consciousness that makes for a political culture as brutal, unkind and ineffective as the one we endure today.
Here are the cold hard facts. Digital data cannot survive "unattended." Significant active preservation processes must be implemented -- much more so than with digital data's celluloid brethren.