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Shovel Knight is getting his own amiibo figure.
No campaign is worth talking about if the project itself is uninteresting in and of itself. The Seamus McNally award is about
Video games are starting to look a lot like they used to, but the industry overall? That's a different story, and one game can help explain why.
Oliveira points to racism as a direct effect of the Atlantic slave trade that we still live with: attitudes that were formed
An experience that will remain with a player, long after the credits roll is, in my opinion, the effectiveness of the story. Truly great games stick with you because of memorable story elements that made you laugh, smile or cry.
Chandronait points to the outpouring of support the project saw in it's first week. He now believes Kickstarter isn't just
Not that the version of the Oculus Rift that reaches the mass market will necessarily have that issue. During the show this
Game studios who don't have the backing of major studios face the challenge of getting exposure. When the sheer number of
Deep Sea is the creation of Austin, Texas-based sound designer Robin Arnott. By: Noah J. Nelson The game requires that the