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"You don’t get to culturally misappropriate it for profit," said an angry member of the Maori Council in a video message.
Political leaders mostly say nothing when the president demeans indigenous people.
HuffPost Mexico’s editor-in-chief challenges fans of the actress to consider how they treat historically oppressed people in their own lives.
While other women are being heard in the Me Too era, native women are quietly going missing in life, in the media and in the data.
Authorities in Louisiana have arrested roughly a dozen people under a new law that gives added protection to pipeline companies.
For many indigenous people, Thanksgiving isn’t about breaking bread with colonists. It’s a national day of mourning.
Los Angeles has joined a number of cities renaming the Columbus Day holiday.
The ceremony symbolizes a long-ago union between two indigenous groups.
Starting in the 19th century, roughly 150,000 children were placed in “residential schools” run by Christian churches.
Photo: I. Rimanoczy Watching the unfolding last night on TV, as results became clearer, I felt a familiar feeling: it came
Benedicto H. Ntibikema, Rural Community Adaptation to Climate Change, Kasulu, Tanzania. Trainings in sustainable farming
The perspective that nature and culture are not just interlinked, but that they are inseparable, is shared amongst many native
Nearly half of the reports analyzed from both conventions that contained gender keywords discussed women as stakeholders
People of all ages gathered in the Yard to show their support for Indigenous Peoples' Day. The event, hosted by the Native
“Few have been ignored by Washington for as long as Native Americans."
The Uruguayan writer, Eduardo Galeano, used the term los nadies, the nobodies. Nobodies can be ignored and ruled, removed
At Standing Rock, a Sense of Purpose: "This Is How We Should Be Living" van Gelder: This is a pretty big moment for treaty
Just as the conscience of America was jolted awake by the shocking images of peaceful civil rights defenders being violently set upon in the '60s, so is it being aroused today by the horrifying sight of peaceful native rights defenders being brutalized.