indigenous people

The funding from the Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria will bring new opportunities for Indigenous creatives, including fellowships and scholarships.
Winnipeg police said they won't check a local landfill where the remains of three murdered indigenous women have been likely sitting for months.
The term has been culturally appropriated by non-Indigenous people.
Canada tried to assimilate native children by forcing them to attend state-funded Christian schools that were rampant with physical and sexual abuse.
The journalist and Indigenous expert were the antithesis of the far-right leader's vision for Brazil. They died in an Amazon grown more dangerous in his regime.
The Tory leadership hopeful’s campaign slogan drew questions when it was released in June.
The Oak Flat land in Arizona is holy to the Apaches. A mining company wants to blow a two-mile-wide hole in it.
"You don’t get to culturally misappropriate it for profit," said an angry member of the Maori Council in a video message.
Political leaders mostly say nothing when the president demeans indigenous people.
HuffPost Mexico’s editor-in-chief challenges fans of the actress to consider how they treat historically oppressed people in their own lives.