indigenous peoples

"It goes without saying that my people are not an automobile, and for white Americans or white Europeans to tout an automobile using our name is wrong."
Deforestation, biodiversity loss and carbon emissions are lower on land governed by Indigenous communities, says a new United Nations report.
The boreal forest is threatened by climate change and human activity. Without urgent action, it could reach a terrifying tipping point.
The folk tune is popular around campfires and in grade schools, but it also called to mind the nation's long history of land disputes involving tribes.
"This is not the first pandemic Indigenous people have faced. Thanksgiving brings to mind the other things pilgrims brought to Native people. Things like smallpox."
The suspects are accused of toppling a statue of St. Jun铆pero Serra, an 18th-century Catholic missionary criticized by Indigenous activists.
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Indigenous People's Day 2020 offers a chance to reflect on the destructive effects of colonialism and the enduring power of traditional ways of life.
Native women are disappearing and being killed. Savanna鈥檚 Act and the Not Invisible Act will finally help bring them some justice.
Nemonte Nenquimo, lauded by Leonardo DiCaprio for her work protecting Ecuador's Amazon, speaks about her life, activism and motherhood.